Sports and Athletics Builds Community

Sports and athletics play a major role in strengthening communities by bringing people together, building social capital and fostering greater inclusion of excluded groups. It gives people hope when they had none.

Why exists to help athletic communities understand the value of building the athlete mindset for life.

Sports is not just about training skilled athletes. It’s about building better people. Our mission is to raise awareness for local youth sports communities about how athletics can be used as a catalyst for sustained personal growth and building stronger communities. We will be hosting local sports community events to share stories of people who benefited from athletics and have become leaders in society in large part due to the life lessons they have received from sport.

This initiative was created by Athlete Builder. A leading sports technology platform dedicated to athlete success.

The value of sports cannot be understated

Sport Builds Stronger, Healthier, Happier, and Safer Communities

Community sport builds community vitality. Whether the focus is on youth engagement, economic revitalization or newcomer settlement, community sport is a powerful tool for social change and can have a transformative impact on the quality of life we all enjoy.

Did you know?

Sport and recreation benefits people and communities in several ways:

Reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese

Less time spent watching television

Increased likelihood of being physically active later in life

Higher levels of self-esteem

Increased opportunities to make new friends

Higher high school graduation rates

Empowers, inspires and motivates individuals

Creates opportunities for, and promotes, volunteering

Contributes to lifelong learning

Fosters community pride and a sense of belonging

Develops life skills and leadership abilities

Helps shape our national character and pride

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